Something Blue Wedding Ribbon

Wedding date and initials embroidered on ribbon
Something old, something new.... but what about your something blue?

Our Something Blue is ribbon embroidered with wedding date and bride and groom's initials.
Sew into wedding gown for a new heirloom tradition. Something Blue custom embroidered ribbon with wedding names
and date is a great way to add something blue to a wedding day....making your dress an heirloom for years to come.

Moms give to your daughters, Maid of Honor give to the Bride, Groom to give to the Bride, or Bride give to Yourself!

Something Blue - Wedding Date and Initials Ribbon - Wedding Gown Custom Ribbon

Something Blue Wedding Ribbons are.................$18.95
16 inch 7/8" ribbon embroidery centered in your choice of colors and fonts with 3 initials for bride,
3 for groom and wedding date in 06/18/2015 or 06.08.2015 format. Ends are sealed and ribbon is ready to be sewn into wedding gown.

Bride's & Groom's Initials, Wedding Date:

Lt Blue Ribbon w/Calligraphy Font, White Ribbon with Decode Font, Wisteria Ribbon with Port Credit Font

Image shows: Lt Blue Ribbon w/Calligraphy Font on the top,
White Ribbon with Decode Font in the middle,
Wisteria Ribbon with Port Credit Font on the bottom.

Please email Kristen for any special requests or questions on our Something Blue Wedding Ribbons.


To go with your Something Blue Wedding Ribbon

Personalized Fleece Blankets for a custom wedding gift!


"My personalized wedding ribbon is such a special gift,
I can't wait to sew it into my gown. Thank you!"
Maddie T. - received our Something Blue Wedding Ribbon as a gift


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