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Our Ribbon Bracelets made with preppy ribbons, make great accessories for any wardrobe. These trendy create your own bracelets make great teenager gifts, and unique gifts for anyone who wants to wear their favorite colors, team colors, school colors, outfit colors .... image the possiblities! Choose from our selection of ribbons, or inquire about other colors - Solids, Polkas, Swiss Dots and Preppy Stripes - different bands to match all your outfits. You select the style, colors - it's all about you! Make great gifts for girls, teens, coaches, teachers, moms or any woman in your life! This is sure to be a gift loved by all.

It's easy to create your Ribbon Bracelets


Ribbon Bracelet Options

Ribbon Bracelets, Preppy Ribbon Bracelets, Teenager Gifts: Ribbon Bracelets with Lobster Clasps
Single Ribbon Bracelet
with Lobster Clasp


Ribbon Bracelets, Preppy Ribbon Bracelets, Teenager Gifts: 3 Single Ribbon Bracelets
3 Single
Ribbon Bracelets
Quantity Discount


Ribbon Bracelets, Preppy Ribbon Bracelets, Create a Bracelet: Velvet Ribbon Bracelet with Lobster Clasps
Single Velvet Ribbon Bracelet
with Lobster Clasp


Ribbon Bracelets, Preppy Ribbon Bracelets, Create a Bracelet: 3 Velvet Ribbon Bracelets
3 Velvet
Ribbon Bracelets


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Ribbon Bracelets Selection

Hover over picture for name, click to enlarge
Maroon Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Shocking Pink Ribbon
Fuschia Ribbon
Mauve Ribbon
Orange Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon
Gold Ribbon
Emerald Ribbon
Forest Ribbon
Apple Ribbon
Turquoise Ribbon
Brown Ribbon
Navy Ribbon
Royal Ribbon
Lt Blue Ribbon
Wisteria Ribbon
Mystic Ribbon
Purple Ribbon
Lilac Ribbon
Orchid Ribbon
Lavender Ribbon
White Ribbon
Creme Ribbon
Baby Blue Stripe Ribbon
Black Stripe Ribbon
Brown Stripe Ribbon
Emerald Stripe Ribbon
Hunter Stripe Ribbon
Lavender Stripe Ribbon
Lime Stripe Ribbon
Lime/White Stripe Ribbon
Navy Stripe Ribbon
Orange Stripe Ribbon
Pink Stripe Ribbon
Purple Stripe Ribbon
Red Stripe Ribbon
Red/White/Navy Stripe Ribbon
Royal Stripe Ribbon
Teal Stripe Ribbon
Yellow Stripe Ribbon
Beach Stripe Ribbon
Chocolate Raspberry Stripe Ribbon
Mediterranian Stripe Ribbon
Passion Stripe Ribbon
Seas Stripe Ribbon
Smoothie Stripe Ribbon
Orchid Polka Ribbon
Apple Polka Ribbon
Brown/Pink Polka Ribbon
Gold Polka Ribbon
Red Polka Ribbon
Orange Swiss Ribbon
Mystic Swiss Ribbon
Westbrook Black Stripe Ribbon
Kelly Shamrocks Printed Ribbon + $2
Island Splash Ribbon-blue
Island Blast Ribbon - pink
Flag Stripe Ribbon
Awareness Ribbon
Brown/Turquoise Rev Polka Ribbon +$1
Red with Black Paw Print Ribbon
White with Black Paw Print Ribbon></a><br> 

      <a name= Hot Pink with Black Paw Print Ribbon
Lt Pink with Black Paw Print Ribbon
White with Orange Paw Print Ribbon
Navy Tennis Ribbon + $1
Navy Lacrosse Ribbon + $1
Navy Golf Ribbon + $1
Blue Soccer Ribbon + $1
Navy Martini Ribbon + $1
Nautical Flags Ribbon + $1
Field Hockey Ribbon Navy/Green + $1
Field Hockey Ribbon Navy/Pink + $1
Cheetah Ribbon + $1
    Black Velvet Ribbon Brown Velvet Ribbon Creme Velvet Ribbon Navy Velvet Ribbon Pink Velvet Ribbon Wine Ribbon    

Please email Kristen for any special requests or questions on our Single Ribbon Bracelets.

Ribbon Bracelets, Preppy Ribbon Bracelets, Teenager Gifts with your choice of colors create great gifts for girls, teens, and moms - Great for Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas stocking stuffers, Hanukkah and Graduation gifts!

Don't see what you're looking for? Just email us, we'll be happy to look for a design just for you.


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"I am a certified scuba diver and I dive a lot with friends. I wanted all of us to have similar diving shirts. I simply love the 'diver down' flags you custom embroidered onto our polo shirts; they are the talk of my diving group!
Thanks a bunch! I'll be sending more divers your way!"
Lindsay M. - A kam Sew Unique customer


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