Heat Packs - Microwave Heat Packs/Pads

Heat Therapy Packs
great to warm & relax your neck muscles
your back, elbow, knee...endless uses for our heat packs

Our Heat Packs/Pads make wonderful gifts for anyone who has aches and pains. Warm in your microwave then place on your aches for great heat therapy. Great for athletes, and anyone who needs a little warmth on their muscles. Our Heat Packs/Pads are the perfect size to be manipulated to go around a knee or arm or neck or anywhere! Have you ever had a really sore, stiff neck from sitting at the computer too long? Just heat our Heat Pack/Pad up in the microwave, wrap it around your neck and go to sleep. No electricity to worry about, like you would with a regular heating pad.

Heat Packs

Microwave Heat Packs/Pads

Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad on Neck Microwavable Heat PackPad on Back Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad on Knee Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad on Elbow

Neck Heat Packs/Pads . . Back Heat Packs/Pads . . Knee Heat Packs/Pads . . Elbow Heat Packs/Pads

Heat Packs/Pads are........approx. 6 x 13 inches.........$12.95

Please email Kristen for any special requests or questions on our Microwavable Heat Packs/Pads.

Heat Packs - Great Therapy


Heat Pack Fabrics

Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Red and Green Plaid Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Ecru with Navy Stripes Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Blue with Purple Flowers Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Blue Calico Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Woven Shamrocks
Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Woven Crab Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Woven Cow Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Baby Footprints Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Watermelon Seeds Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad White Primary Plaid Microwavable Heat Pack/Pad Burgandy Paisley
Denim Microwavable Heat Packs/Pads Wine Terry Microwavable Heat Packs/Pads Purple Solid Microwavable Heat Packs/Pads Green Crepe Microwavable Heat Packs/Pads

Please note that these are our current fabric selections for our microwavable heat packs/pads. When they run out, we may or may not be able to to replace with the exact fabric.

Our Microwavable Heat Packs/Pads have more than 1 lb. of weighted all natural fill that lays on your muscle in a soothing way warming your aches without any electrical cords. Our seam design makes them sturdy and long lasting. Just heat for a couple minutes in the microwave and our flexible Heat Therapy packs will bring you comfort and will be wonderful gifts for your family and friends. When warm they even smell a bit like popcorn! When not in use, store in air tight container for long life of your reusable Heat Packs.


To go with your Heat Packs/Pads

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