Custom Embroidery Gifts
Corporate Gifts

Providing custom embroidered corporate gifts for you at a reasonable price.

Do your customers say "I'll call them again" when you present them an invoice?
Present them with a personalized gift to say thank you, and they will be sure to be repeat
customers. We can help businesses currently using a large scale embroidery company
by embroidering on the items that you want. We aren’t limited to items that are available
from a catalog. We embroider on the apparel to suit you and your individual needs.

Our custom embroidery service caters to
small business needs for small quantity orders,
and large business needs for individual style.

Our in house design process will help you market your business w/corporate gifts.

Embroider your logo or design

Complete a project with a personalized gift for your customers or employees.

Please email Kristen for any special requests or questions on our corporate gifts.

Thousands of designs to choose from, or digitizing any design that you
would need, we work with established businesses and new businesses to help
portray your professional image.

Samples of our embroidered logos

Embroidered Logos:  Russell Labs Logo Embroidered Logos:  Royal Coach Logo Embroidered Logos: B.A.D. Company Entertainment Logo

Embroidered Logos: Master Resources Logo
Embroidered Logos: Growing Roses Logo
Your logo
Embroidered Logos: 175th Wing Logo Embroidered Logos: Patron Six Six Logo Embroidered Logo:  Fallston Football Logo



"Your embroidered designs are dear, my favorite is the bear."
Colleen P. - A kam Sew Unique customer


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